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Do you have any success stories?
Do you have any success stories?
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Yes we do! Praise God, he is working in this community!

At Holy we define success as people connecting and getting to know more of the life-changing work Jesus is doing in our lives. So as long as you learn more about Jesus, are reminded of him, and confidently can live in the truth that you are LOVED by God and he is forming you - that's success.

Success stories people have shared:

  • finding a Christian roommate

  • finding a church community, because they just moved to a new area

  • finding a good friend

  • finding someone to pray with in a season or moment or even just one chat

  • finding a spouse

  • finding a spouse and growing a family

The list goes on. God is working! We wanted to capture some stories for you to be encouraged by, so here are a couple full length and short testimonies on our Youtube channel:

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