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How do I see people who waved at me?
How do I see people who waved at me?
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If you have received a Wave, it will show up in the Discovery tab among your stack of profiles. You will see a note at the top indicating the person waved at you or commented on your profile. You can receive up to 10 free waves a day. If you have more than the allowed amount, then you will need to wait for 4 hours until the next group.

If you tap the Next (arrow) button, then you will not see the profile again until you run out of profiles within your preferences. Please be sure to carefully review each profile before taking an action.

To respond to a wave, tap on the comment or wave icon on the bottom right. We recommend commenting and replying back to the profile to start the conversation so you both can get to know each other.

If you are still seeing a notification for waves, but have gone through all the profiles within your preferences, it may be that you have waves from outside of your preferences. To view those, simply go through all the profiles outside of your preferences and take an action on the profiles.

At this time we do not have a "deal breaker" feature to exclude profiles outside of your preferences.

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