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How is HOLY different than the other dating apps?
How is HOLY different than the other dating apps?
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  1. Christ before all things

    The whole app is centered on Jesus and God’s word. Unless we focus on what truly matters, we’re doing relationships wrong

  2. Intentional people only

    Goodbye trolls. We manually review every single profile and selfie-verify all photos. Yes, that’s a ridiculous amount of work, but worth it, so you can talk to real people.

  3. Culture of encouragement

    The profile prompts are designed for intentional connections, allowing people to express the love of Christ in their lives. How can we uplift one another with the hope we were given?

  4. Ethical design

    No swiping here. We believe that each human is made in the image of God, and that technology can have a big impact in how we see and treat others. That’s why we designed things quite differently.

  5. Meaningfully paced

    Have you ever met 150 people by name in 15 minutes? That sounds overwhelming. That’s why we pace our app for meaningful interactions, with intentional breaks and scripture reminders.

  6. Community supported

    We are independent and fully community supported. No ads, no selling of data, no corporate agenda. Only one simple mission: encourage people in their faith through community.

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