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🌟 UY to HOLY transition
HOLY: What are the different features?
HOLY: What are the different features?
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Here are the main features of HOLY:

Discover tab
Previously known as the UY tab, in the first tab of the app, you can view daily profiles just as before. We encourage you to take it slow and read through each profile and find things you could connect on. The goal is to get to know people and their stories, to encourage and be encouraged.

Wave and/or send a comment
(Previously known as the Like button.) We wanted to lower the pressure and make the experience where people can more easily get to know each other, so we modified the way to connect by simply waving at someone. Simple and easy. While in the Discover tab, if you see a profile you would like to get to know more, simply tap on the Wave button to indicate a “hi” and that you’re interested in starting a conversation. You can also write a comment to the person asking them a follow up question on their profile or sharing an encouraging note. For both comments or waves, the person will get notified and depending on when they check the app or where you are in their daily profiles, they can then reply. If they choose to reply, a chat will get formed so you both can continue to chat and get to know each other better.

See your Waves / comments
You can see the waves and comments people have sent you in the Discover tab (profiles with a black comment bubble indicate which profiles have waved or commented on your profile).

Chat with people and get to know them more. When you match with someone and both show interest in getting to know each other, a chat gets formed so you can continue the conversation.

Supporter subscription
For those of you who believe in this ministry and want to support and see it grow, we offer the Supporter subscription, previously known as Premium. We changed the name because it’s not meant to exclude or elevate anyone’s status. We are all children of God. The name change is meant to simply honor the people who choose to support this app while not saying anyone is better than anyone else.

The Supporter subscription, helps us cover the costs of operational and marketing costs which helps us spread the app so more people can hear about it and join! This app is fully funded by you, the community! We are so grateful for your support and pray it blessed you and many more in the Kingdom!

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