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How do I pause my account? And what does that mean?
How do I pause my account? And what does that mean?
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If you want to pause or hide your account, you can do that from the app. Tap on the Profile tab, and go to the Account section, where you will find a Pause Account option. Tap the “Pause my account” button.

When you pause your account, your profile will not be shown to anymore people in the daily profiles (Discover tab) or Waves tab. You will not be able to make new connections, even from the people you have waved at previously, as they will not be able to see your profile in a paused state.

Your existing messages will still be active and you can continue to chat and get to know each other.

The “Recently on” badge will also still work for those profiles who can see you, from your existing messages.

You can reactivate your profile at any time by going to the Discovery tab and tapping the “Undo pause” button. Your profile will become visible again and you will begin receiving daily profiles (if available).

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