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Why are photos and a selfie required?
Why are photos and a selfie required?
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All applications require a minimum of 4 photos and a verification selfie. Photos help others get a sense of your personality via visual storytelling. Think of it like presenting your Sunday best or presenting yourself to Jesus in a way that glorifies Him with what He has given you (your personality, your interests, your favorite colors...).

How can you and others best show each other how God has created you, on your profiles?

We encourage you to add in photos of:

  • You doing activities you enjoy

  • You with your friends or family

  • Your face up close, in a moment when you're happy

  • A photo of your whole self

As for a verification selfie, we require this for safety reasons. We take safety seriously here at HOLY. While we do not conduct background checks and cannot say that it is 100% fool proof, we do our very best to keep this community safe. With your selfie, our team manually reviews your selfie with the photos you upload to check if it's the same person. We appreciate your cooperation in adding a selfie and keep this community safe!

Hope that helps!

Blessings, Kathleen

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