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Invited to Bible study?
Invited to Bible study?
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At HOLY we are passionate about the Bible and community, thus we love communal Bible studies. It is one of the ways we can grow our faith, as well as encourage and build up one another.

However, not all Bible studies are equal. It has come to our attention that some Bible studies are used as a means to recruit members for cults or possible harmful groups.

If someone invites you to a Bible study, never join before asking the following questions first:

  • What group, organization, or church is this Bible study (or its leader) part of?

  • If there is a study guide or curriculum, what is it called, and who authored it?

  • Does the person inviting you acknowledge you are a fellow Christian, having salvation and eternal life?

  • Did the person inviting you receive specific training on how to invite you?

Before proceeding, make sure to do a web search of the group or author of the Bible study material. If given a vague or “non-denominational” answer, make sure to ask for more specifics, such as who founded the group or what makes this group different than your church, personal beliefs, or other Christian groups.

It’s a clear red flag if the person inviting you claims to have some hidden “truth” or the only accurate interpretation of the Bible. Other red flags are if they do not believe you are a “true” Christian, or that according to them you do not have salvation and eternal life. If this is the case, they most likely are trying to recruit or convert you.

Some groups that have been reported for recruiting on the HOLY app:

Using HOLY to recruit and promote Bible studies, churches, or events is forbidden. We are an intentional dating and friendship app, not a social media promotion tool. If anyone does invite you to a Bible study, please report them using the “Block & Report” feature.

At all times, your personal and mental safety should be your priority. We recommend you always follow our Safety Tips. If you are in a Bible study and feel uncomfortable or harassed in any way, know that you can (and should) leave. You are not unspiritual or wrong for doing so.

Please contact us in the support chat if you have any further questions or concerns.

For further reading, here are some helpful links on external websites, regarding cults and harmful groups: (Note: these websites are not affiliated with or endorsed by HOLY.)

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