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How do I use the Holy app?
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Each day you can view and wave at profiles you are interested in getting to know more. Depending on availability, you can view up to 40 profiles every 6 hours, of which you can wave at 15 profiles for free.
If people waved at your profile, they will show up among your daily profiles in the Discover section (first tab). Once you review the first profile, and make a decision to tap Wave or Next (arrow button), then it will show you the next profile. You need to make a decision to move forward to see more profiles.
For people you have waved at, your profile will be shown in their Discover tab within the coming days, depending on when they check the app. If they respond, then a chat gets formed and you both can to get to know each other more.
All of the above is free. We do offer a completely optional Supporter subscription with extra features. This helps cover some of the costs of running the app and helps us do marketing to spread the word, inviting more people to join.

For tips on which photos to select, check out the article and video below:

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