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The biggest key to success is proactively reaching out to people, and writing a thoughtful comment along with your Wave.

The other key to improve your chance to connect, is to keep your profile up to date, showing as much of your personality through your pictures and profile answers. It helps to explain why you are passionate about the things you are, or why a Bible verse is inspiring. You don't need to subscribe to do these things.

Subscribing to be a Supporter gives your sent Waves priority so they will be seen sooner. Given you are proactive with reaching out, and you feel good about your profile, it can help speed things up.

Being a Supporter also gives you access to see all your Waves in one place, lets you see if chats are read, and gives you access to history of the last 48 hours of profiles you’ve seen.

At this time, there is no way to send a message along with your Wave after you’ve already waved someone. Subscribing does not change this. But we have taken this feedback into account for the future.

Finally, being a Supporter helps cover the cost of marketing, letting us get the word out for more people to join, ultimately resulting in more matches for everyone.

If you have any feedback, we would love to hear it!

For tips on which photos to select, check out the article and video below:

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