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If I tap Next (arrow button) on a profile, what happens?
If I tap Next (arrow button) on a profile, what happens?
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In your daily profiles (the Discover tab), you will see profiles that match your preferences as well as people who sent you a Wave. You have the choice to respond to these profiles, or skip them by tapping on Next (arrow button).

When you use the Next button, the profile will be removed from your daily profiles and you will not see it again until you’ve seen all the profiles within your preferences. If you see someone even remotely interesting to you, we encourage you to send them a Wave, as you may not get another chance to see them again. No one will know if you said Next to them.

A Supporter subscription unlocks the history feature, where you can see profiles from the last 48 hours, where you can Wave any profile you tapped Next on.

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