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How do I edit my profile and location?
How do I edit my profile and location?
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To edit your profile, go to the Profile tab and tap on the top section where some of your information is listed. You can edit each part of your profile, including basic information, photos, and your answers to questions.

Your location is determined by your phone’s location services and cannot be manually changed. Your location does not automatically update, so if you visit or travel, you can update your location. To do this, scroll to the basic profile information on your profile, tap on "Edit" at the "Lives in..." section, and tap "Find my location".

To edit photos, currently you can replace existing photos. They will show up properly on your profile but will first need to be reviewed and approved by the team before showing up for others to see. At this time we do not have the functionality to remove photos that have been added, only replace them. We have taken this feedback into account and have it on our list of to-dos.

Your name and age, which you submitted during the application process, cannot be changed. If you need help updating this, feel free to contact us in the Support Chat within the app.

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